Our Services

As a specialist line marking company we help businesses and individuals with many types of solutions designed to meet our clients individual needs.

Car Park Markings

An elegant and clearly marked car park makes life easy for your visitors and gives a positive first impression of your business. In many ways it can set the tone for the experience and service people will be expecting to receive...

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School Playground Markings

Turn your playground into a space for fun, creative, and inspiring play.

Hopscotches shaped like rockets, huge Snakes and Ladders boards, activity trails - we offer a variety of exciting and entertaining playground markings. Turn a dull, uninspiring space into somewhere that children can have fun, explore, learn and take more exercise...

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Sports Courts

We have many years experience with marking both internal and external sports courts. All work is carried out using high-quality materials conforming to relevant British Standards for an excellent finish, clarity and durability...

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Safety Markings

Appropriate and legible safety markings are the cornerstone of a safe working environment in warehouses, factories, distribution centres and workshops. This is not an area you want to trust to anyone without specialised experience, skills and knowledge...

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Highway Markings

We deliver high quality white lining and road marking services throughout Devon and the UK. Projects can be any size from small access roads to major stretches of motorway or dual carriageway. All work fully complies with all relevant safety, quality and road usage standards including NHSS Sector Scheme 7...

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Decorative Surfacing

Decorative surfacing is used in a wide range of situations including parks, heritage sites, driveways and footpaths. These surfaces are popular because they blend an attractive natural appearance with durability, crack resistance and weed suppression...

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High Friction Surfacing

High Friction or Anti-Skid surfacing is a resin based road surfacing material designed to provide high skid resistance. The resin is combined with calcined bauxite aggregates to create a high friction surface...

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