Car Park Marking

Is yours a first impression to be proud of?

An elegant and clearly marked car park makes life easy for your visitors and gives a positive first impression of your business. In many ways it can set the tone for the experience and service people will be expecting to receive.

When you use the car park every day you might not see it in quite the same way your visitors do. Is it starting to look a bit tired? Are lanes and bays clearly marked so people can be confident they're parking correctly? And, most important, do your markings make your car park as safe as possible for pedestrians and drivers to use?

Remarking your car park is a relatively modest investment that can make a huge difference to the way people perceive your organisation.

JHB delivers expert car park marking for any size of project for a wide range of organisations including:

- Supermarkets
- Offices
- Sports venues
- Hospitals
- Schools

JHB will advise you on the most appropriate car park marking options - making your car park easier and safer to use. For example: the location and marking of disabled parking bays, parent & child spaces, establishing clearly defined walkways, pedestrian crossings and directional markings.

Fast and reliable service

We use 'hot - applied' thermoplastic to mark out your car park. This cools very quickly to get your car park back into service as quickly as possible - minimising disruption to your company and customers.

We also provide colour co-ordinated areas and can even create your own company logo in preformed thermoplastic: a fantastic way to enhance your corporate image!

Safety and Quality

We hold all relevant safety and quality awards including SMSTS, SSSTS and the SPA Passport for petrol station forecourts.

Call us on 01626 830014 and we'll be happy to advise you on your most appropriate car park marking options.